Paragliding Course - P1+P2 @ Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding Course - P1+P2 @ Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh


I did paragliding course from PG Gurukul, Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh one of the best place for paragliding in India.

The paragliding season in Bir-Billing is March-April & Oct-December.

The course is for 7 days but due to time constraints & weather, I had to complete it in 4 days.

Time table is 9-5 with 1-2 lunch break in between. The school provides glider suitable for your weight.

P1 Course

Bir Landing Site

It mostly consists of ground handling, daily inspection etc at Bir landing site.

Day 1: Ground Handling, Daily Inspection

Day 2: Roll Correction, Turning,

P2 Course

Baijnath Meadow

For P2, we took small flights from hills in Baijnath.

You have to take 6 flights, out of which 4 will be with instructors communication.

If you do 2 flights, without instructor help, you can be eligible for P3.

After completing practicals, you get a multiple choice questions test. You have to get atleast 60% to pass.

Staying in Bir

Since I went there in December, which is out of season for tourism, it was pretty empty.

I stayed at The Hosteller & had meals at local restaurants.

Total Cost Under ₹30,000 out of which ₹22k was paragliding course fees.

If you want to do tandem jumps as a tourist, the cost will be around ₹2000.